New Edition of 28th January 2016

Download ALx316_28jan2016_EN.exe (21 Mb Full Edition)

AstrologicPC is a very special program with a long history. I say: AstrologicPC it's a cute good old fashion Dinosaur. So please take into account one limitation: this original Version of AstrologicPC will run on 32 bit Windows-Systems only. A special Edition for 64 Bit is available, too

AstrologicPC is tested successfully under 32 Bit-Editions of Vista, Win7, Win8 and finally under Windows 10. It runs "nativ", you don't need additional software.

Information 64 Bit

January 2016: The freeware "DosBox" makes it possible. AstrologicPC was tested successful under 64-Bit-Editions of Vista, Win7, Win8.x and Windows 10.  A Special-Edition for 64 Bit please download here.

Download ALx64__28jan2016_EN.exe (22 Mb)


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