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TNP-Ephemerides 2000-2050

TNP-Ephemerides 2000-2050

Michael Feist:
TNP-Ephemerides 2000-2050

Bilingual Special Edition 2011 of Hamburger Hefte Journal

76 pages, €9,95
Status in Europe: Available via Michael Feist (Witte-Verlag) - Order No. 2050-TNP

This Special Edition includes 51 years postions of the Uranian Transneptunians. The introduction text is in German and English. Please download the PDF-Example for your information.

[PDF] TNP-Example_for_2000.pdf

If you have already an older Special Editon of this Bestseller (published in 4 Editions since 2000), please take into account, that the "Bilingual Special Edition 2011" based on the same material.

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