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Uranian Forum 1975

Uranian Forum 1975

URANIAN FORUM (Witte-Verlag) was a quarterly information during the year 1975 about Astrology of the Hamburg-School (Uranian System) for the purpose of increasing astrological knowledge in conformity with Alfred WITTE and in order to become thoroughly acquainted with his system.

€15 for 4 Editons, together 136 pages of Uranian Astrology, published in Hamburg 1975 by Ludwig Rudolph (Witte-Verlag). Editor Udo Rudolph.

Status in Europe: Available via Michael Feist (Witte-Verlag)

10 years later the URANIAN FORUM was reborn as a periodical in the USA. Published 1985-1992 by Penelope Publiscations, Florida, supported by Udo Rudolph and other Astrologers from Hamburg/Germany.

Contents Nr. 1/1975

  • Udo Rudolph: Preface
  • Ludwig Rudolph: Alfred WITTE and the Hamburg School
  • Udo Rudolph: Investigation of the US-President Gerald Ford's Earth-Axis
  • Marg. Wohlwill: William Shakespeare and his Scholar
  • Pol-Areey: The Demon Axis in the birth Chart Colonel Prayool of Field Marshal D.Kitikachorn
  • Herm. Sporner: 1975 - A Critical Year (Annual Horoscope)
  • Kurt Kaden: The Great Experiment: USA-UdSSR (The Soyus-Apollo-coupling Monoevre Engineer)
  • Udo Rudolph: Appeal for Cooperation in Medical Astrology
  • David P.Rothrock: Counting the Days
  • Udo Rudolph: Astrological Conference in Bangkok 1975

Contents Nr. 2/1975

  • Kurt Kaden: The Importance of Start Horoscopes for Space-Travel
  • Udo Rudolph: Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
  • M. Wohlwill: William Shakespeare in his Epoch (Continuation)
  • D. P. Rothrock: Solar-Arc of Direction - Beyond 90 Years
  • Udo Rudolph: Report of the Astrological Conference in Bangkok from 2.-4.May
  • Molecular Biology
  • Udo Rudolph: The Annual Horoscope
  • H.Schlaghecke: Symmetry of the Suns of 7 Brothers and Sisters

Contents Nr. 3/1975

  • Ludwig Rudolph, an Astrological Pioneer
  • D.P.Rothrock: Constitution Chart of the United States of Amerika
  • Carl Perch: The sensitive points and how to apply them.
  • Carl Perch: Which connection have birth and death?
  • Nicholas E.Bader: The Horoscope of the San Francisco Earthquake of April 18, 1906. The Eruption of Mount Vesuvius of April 6, 1906, and the Horoscope of the Solar-Eclipse
    of February 23, 1906.

Contents Nr. 4/1975

  • Udo Rudolph: Report about the 6th Weekend-Convention of the Astrologische Studiengesellschaft (Hamburger Schule)
  • Carl Perch: Man, a Receiving Station of Universal Energies also with Reference to Birth and Death.
  • Herm.Sporner: Annual Horoscope for 1976.
  • Nic. Bader: The Treaties of Locarno (1926) and the Helsinki-Agreement of Aug. 1, 1975
  • Herb. Pauels: Important Principles of the Hamburg School.
  • Dilok V.Panich: The Solar Arc Calculator

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