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Penelope Bertucelli:
Phoenix Workshop
Uranian Astrology Manual
Cosmobiology Conference, August 1995

Penelope Publications, ISBN 978-1-889619-002, 149 pages, USD 19,95 (ca. 28x21,5 cm plus shipping)
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Europe: approx. 29,95 €* via Michael Feist (Witte-Verlag) (* depends on the USD/EUR exchange rate

A popular title for the student of Uranian astrology. The author takes an unusual approach in this presentation of four books in one volume.

In Book I the author explains the mythology behind each of the 8 transneptunians and presents a new perspective on how each transneptunian as a single factor and as it interacts with planets and other factors in the chart. Find out how to use the transneptunians in horoscope analysis

In Book II students discover that the Annual Diagram actually does predict events for the upcoming year. Five dramatic case studies of famous persons are included. Study the Annual Diagram and get results.

In Book III the health configurations are featured. These chapters cover the biological influence of each planet and transneptunian and planetary pictures, plus health case files that diagram specific maladies.

In Book IV explores a new field of interest for the Uranian astrologer . . . see the phenomenal accuracy of using the Horary Chart Hooray style. Includes 6 cases for study.

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