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RULES FOR PLANETARY PICTURES - Historical Version 1939

-The Historical Version of 1939- Youtube review


Translated by Richard Svehla in 1939 (English)
Official Reprint 2014
Preface by Michael Feist

29.95 Euro, 216 pp.
ISBN 978-3-920807-40-9

The RULES FOR PLANETARY PICTURES translation of 1939 based originally on the early teachings of Alfred Witte, which he had made between 1926-1927. This translation by Richard Svehla is to this day the ONLY AUTHORIZED English language collection of interpretations that reflects Alfred Witte's point of view 100%. 

In 1928 Ludwig Rudolph (Witte-Verlag Publishing Hamburg) obtained Witte's permission to compile the rules for public presentation in a book. Since then and still today, the different German Rules Book editions, were published originally by »Witte-Verlag« Publishing Company of Rudolph's family.

Ludwig Rudolph participated as author on all editions of the Rules Book. There are various versions, some differing only slightly while others have more fundamental changes. We can distinguish two main periods. The first period ended with Alfred Witte's passing in August 1941 and excluded Pluto and Friedrich Sieggrün's Transneptunians. The second period began in 1946 and is ongoing. Hermann Lefeldt edited these versions and included the additional factors. —

During the first period, in the early 1930ies, Richard Svehla asked Ludwig Rudolph’s permission to establish and represent the »Uranian System of Astrology«  (»Hamburg School«) in the USA. In addition Svehla requested translation rights. It followed that Svehla truly was the first official representative of the »Hamburg School« for North America. In fact, he is the only US representative who was ever authorized by Ludwig Rudolph with the support of Alfred Witte.

The Rules Book translation by Richard Svehla, 1939, is based on the first period. It is regrettable that so far this historical edition is widely unknown in today's English speaking world. This official reprint of the original will close this gap of knowledge.